Why visit Our unique reserve, compared to any other commercial National Park

You should experience South Africa as the wild, unspoilt natural beauty that it is, and WE offer just that! You will never have to wait in line to take a picture or be disappointed by the time you can finally reach the animal, just in time to see that you missed the kill.

We offer that individual unique experience, promising memories and pictures that will last a lifetime and leave you longing the majesty of wildest Africa.  


South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic. South Africa has long been a special safari destination for tourists from around the world. South Africa's diverse species, ease of travel, and modern amenities all make it the perfect destination for today's wildlife enthusiasts.

South Africa has the most modern airline/airport system on the African continent. This makes travel to South Africa for a safari quite convenient. The beautiful land of diversity has it all. From big cities, undisturbed shorelines, to beautiful countryside. South Africa is currently the safest safari area in Africa. Our beautiful reserve is located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, where the Elephant Coast meets Zululand. This is in the north eastern region of South Africa just south of Mozambique and Swaziland.

Accommodation is of very high standard. Our private chalets assures the comfort for each and every traveller, making Ndlovukazi River Lodge and Chalets, the obvious best choice, when visiting South Africa with your beloved family or as a romantic getaway.

South Africa is disease free and no inoculations are needed when visiting. Our area is malaria free and this is very comforting to all visitors.

South Africa's pride, the Big 5, roams freely on the beautiful pride lands of our reserve.  Dangerous game lurks in the rivers, dams and bushlands of this highly populated natural wildlife area. While peeping through your lens, stay alert... Elephant, Lion, Cape Buffalo, White Rhino, Leopard as well as Hippo, Crocodile and Cheetah, might be staring right back at you.




Our little piece of heaven, is located in the perfect combination of savannah, thick sub-tropic bushlands, rivers and mountains. The Ndlovukazi Lodge is situated on the banks of the picturesque Mkuze River that runs endlessly through the mountains.  Situated where Zululand and all it's history meets the lushes Elephant Coast, makes daytrips to world heritage sites and unforgettable sceneries, worth combining with your wildlife experience staying in Ndlovukazi Lodge.

With the BIG 5 roaming on the vast grasslands, over 30 different animal species and incomparable birdlife,  Ndlovukazi Lodge is truly the place to rediscover yourself and become one with wildest Africa. Breathe in the fresh air and relive the passion we all share for our magnificent creation. 


Accommodation -  Ndlovukazi River Chalets 

Game Drives - Ndlovukazi Game Drives




We suggest a warm jersey or windbreaker for early morning game drives and those incredible sightings that you just can't bare to leave, taking your well into dusk. Please remember suntan lotion, a cap or hat, or maybe light long sleave shirts, as the mighty African sun shows no weakness. 


Although we are situated in a Malaria free area, no medication is needed. Please feel free to bring along  tick repellent for the guided bush walks. 


Basic first aid can be administered by a staff member at the lodge,  Please bring all prescribed medication that you may require during your stay.

Most importantly, don't forget your binoculars and camera so that you can admire the lashes of the tall standing giraffe or capture the details on the trunk of the majestic elephant, standing next to your vehicle, preserving memories for years to come.. 

  • Jersey/windbreaker

  • Suntan lotion

  • Cap/hat

  • Mosquito/Tick repellent

  • Prescribed medication

  • Binoculars

  • Camera